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What is The Defense Lab?

The Defense Lab specializes in providing self-defense solutions to close-range threats. Some of the main topics covered are empty-handed defense against armed and unarmed attackers, weapon retention and in-fight weapons access, close-range gunfighting, edged weapon tactics, and targeting. Emphasis is placed on both standing and grounded techniques.

Started by Daniel Contraguerro, a former Division 1 wrestler and lifetime Jiu Jitsu practitioner, The Defense Lab prides itself on taking a realistic approach to modern threats. By analyzing nearly 2,000 real-life violent encounters caught on tape, he is able to understand how attacks really happen, tendencies and tactics used by attackers, and provide defenses to the types of attacks most commonly seen.

All curriculums and techniques have been extracted from a lifetime of wrestling and jiu jitsu, before being modified to be extremely effective in the self-defense space. The techniques and tactics taught are consistently vetted through live-action scenarios and pressure testing against non-compliant opponents. Along with this, much of the technique taught is congruent between standing and grounded positions, as well as if the defender is empty-handed or carrying a force-multiplying tool, or whether or not the attacker has a weapon. This makes the curriculum easier to pick up on and retain, specifically for those who have little to no experience with empty-handed skills.

“More Than Just A Gun” Seminar

“More Than Just A Gun” is a close-range seminar for those who carry. There is so much more to a defensive encounter with a deadly weapon than just pulling your gun out and using it. Many situations begin with the defender being swung on, tackled, grabbed ahold of, shoved up against a structure, or having a weapon used on them before they even realize the attack is happening. In these situations, a two-handed draw and firing grip on our weapon as many of us practice on the range is not possible.

This seminar was developed specifically to fill the void between handgun shooting on the range and empty-handed skills on the mat. In this seminar you will learn how to retain your weapon while fighting to create space, as well as how to create a shooting position and access your firearm mid-fight, these skills are taught from both standing and grounded positions. The seminar begins with 3 hours of technique built from the ground up, meaning no prior martial arts experience is necessary. The last hour of the seminar consists of live scenarios where participants are given an Ultimate Training Munitions converted handgun loaded with marking cartridges and will have the opportunity to use the training gun, as well as the technique learned to defend themselves in a simulated attack.

This is the closest training you can get to defending yourself while carrying a firearm in a close-quarters attack and is a must-have experience for those who carry.

Johnson’s is committed to keeping our customers safe. The “More Than Just a Gun” seminar is a way for us to continue doing that. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook messenger if this is something you would be interested in!