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Johnson’s Gun Depot

Johnson’s Gun Depot located in Greensburg provides firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories to Westmoreland county and the surrounding areas. In addition to our  incredible firearm and ammunition selection, we also provide exceptional services. This includes being a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) agent which allows us to transfer firearms between owners. You can even buy your firearm from another vendor and have it sent here. We will then license this firearm to you (just make sure to inform us before ordering). Another great service we provide is scope mounting and sighting so you will be ready for hunting season! We also have phenomenal firearm experts available to help you with all your firearm purchases and questions.

Johnson’s Gun Depot offers the best inventory in our area, from new guns, to used guns, and everything that you may be looking for, we have what you need! 

Keystone Shooting Center

The Keystone Shooting Center located in Mars is a great indoor shooting center in the Pittsburgh area. They offer professional training events, classes and one on one sessions with skilled instructors. These classes and instructors offer a great experience for beginners and skilled shooters. They offer a wide range of firearm classes for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy. These include the basic handgun course for those with little to no shooting background, youth rifle classes, ladies-only handgun classes, simulations, and more. In addition to all the classes and ranges, the Keystone Shooting Center offers firearms for sale as well as accessories and ammunition. It is a great one stop shop for buying, shooting, and learning all about firearms in the Cranberry/ Mars area. 

National Armory 

The National Armory located in Moon Township is home to a wide variety of firearms to choose from. They offer a great selection of brands and different types of firearms as well as some of the best accessories. Their website offers a great look into their inventory and what is available in store. From rifles to handguns to shotguns and knives, the National Armory has it all. They also offer gear and parts to go along with their selection of firearms. This includes cleaning supplies, trail cameras, triggers, clothing, and much much more. 

Midwest Shooting Center 

The Midwest Shooting Center located in the North Hills is a newly opened indoor firearm range and retail store. They pride themselves with having a different approach to firearms by creating a culture that is welcoming and friendly to every customer, beginners and experts. The facility is perfect for all skill levels, whether you are training for a competition or just having some family fun. The shooting range includes 24 indoor lanes total with 14 to 15 yards in length and 10 at 25 yards in length. They hold a variety of classes for those interested in training as well as personal sessions for those not inclined to the class environment. The retail side of Midwest Shooting Center carries over $1 Million in new inventory including firearms, accessories, and ammunition. To get the best experience at Midwest, they offer memberships that come with perks and deals on select items in the store. 

Allegheny Arms

Allegheny Arms is located in Bethel Park and is home to a full spectrum of firearms and accessories as well as some great services. They offer a full in-house gunsmith service and have over 30 years of experience in the industry, which provides you with a vast amount of educational resources for your next gun purchase. They pride themselves in making sure that the customer is well informed prior to making a gun purchase and continuing that education after the sale is completed. Allegheny Arms offers custom-built accessories and NFA engraving to make sure your firearm is up to code. Visit their website for an inventory of all they have to offer, including a list of accessories available.